La Rocka Records was created in 2016 as a launchpad for UK singer Jimmy Ray's 'comeback' album 'Live to Fight Another Day.' 

Enjoy this lost 2016 track "13".  Other rarities can be heard on my Soundcloud page.

"This is my thirteenth sonnet to the same..."


Jimmy Ray released the 5-track maxi-single 'Per Aspera Ad Astra' on 05.12.2020. It is available on bandcamp . 

The release is also available at all major digital music outlets from the  including iTunes and Spotify.


Live to Fight Another Day' Autographed promo CD now available

Hand-autographed promotional copies of the new album are now available as a special limited edition (x1000) CD package via ebay and bandcamp . 

Bandcamp also offers the album as a download or a FREE DOWNLOAD when the CD version is purchased. 


Live to Fight Another Day' comeback album video teaser released!

The teaser video features a short clip of a band rehearsal which took place at Montana Studios in N.Y.C. in 1998 followed by a snippet of audio of the remake of the hit song entitled 'Who Wants to Know?' Album released 13/10/2017.


'Sex for Beginners' - Original Version!

Click this Soundcloud link to a 2017 live recording of the ORIGINAL version of 'Sex or Beginners' from my debut album. You will be surprised!


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